Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summertime Life Organization!

During the school year it seemed a lot easier to stay on a schedule, with the kids in school we kind of already knew what our days would be like. When summer break came it was like a whiplash of what the hell are we doing. 
My 15 year old(Kenzy) was constantly asking me what she is supposed to be doing and when she can do this or that and it was driving me nuts! I would forget to brush the kids teeth or make sure they picked up their room, and the house was always a mess! So I got completely sick of it and made a daily routine schedule for each kid ages 15,6,3,2. The younger 2 it was really just a few things because they like to be included. The older 2 especially my 15 year old are old enough to have chores and responsibilites. Kenzy and Natalie now have lists of what chores to do and when to do them and they have each over 6 hours of free time when all chores are done. No more million questions! I also made a list detailing what I expect from each chore, i.e. when you sweep you sweep under everything that is able to be moved. If a chore has to be reminded or not done correct that's 10 minutes of free time gone.. Below is Kenzy's list. What do you do in your home to stay organized?!?

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