Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Steps to being a healthy family!

Let's just come right out and get it out of the way...I'm not an expert on being healthy and I'm not perfect. But I've found that these things have helped me and my family to be healthier and happier.

1. Cut out as much boxed and canned food as possible....it is just as easy to buy a bag of potatoes and boil them than to use a packed potato mix!

Also canned foods have preservatives and sometimes they even have a sugary syrup...buying fresh fruits and vegetable will be the best thing you ever do and they taste so much better to!
I do have exceptions sometimes I know the feeling of being busy and I do have some backup things but taking the time to fix something healthy is very much worth the time and money.

2. If you do have boxed and canned things you buy READ THE LABELS AND DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! You have every right to know what your buying and eating, it's your body and you should care about what you are putting into it. Google can be your best friend with researching the items on a food label. I promise you if you do the research you won't believe the things companies are allowed to put into our food!

3. Cut out the junk and stop making excuses! If you don't buy it then they can't eat it, it's plain and simple! The sooner you show them good eating habits the better! It's not easy I know, everyone is busy but an excuse is like a you-know-what...everyone has one and it stinks!

4. Make it family thing...I know it's hard to cook with kids but I've noticed that if I just even let them help a little then they are more willing to try the food. It's about the whole experience.

5. EAT TOGETHER!! I know some family's can't do this every night, but making certain days for a family dinner night will be great for a healthy meal and kids are more likely to eat healthy food if they see you eating it!

If you cut out the excuses and take the time it is possible!! When my kids eat a healthy meal they are less grouchy and have more energy and so do I! I know it can be tough believe me, My four year old Bug, well that girl you never know it depends on her mood, she loves salads no joke but hates lettuce on her tacos. Olive she will eat just about anything you put in front of her and always is bringing her plate to me for seconds. Now my son is a different story he is a meats kinda guy, I have such a hard time getting him to eat vegetables, but today he ate probably a floret of broccoli. I've noticed that if I just sit them on the tray of his high chair and walk away he doesn't touch them, so today I cut some up and sat down with some Ranch and of course he wobbles over and wants to check out what I got. I put a tiny bit of ranch on one and hand it to him and he goes to town! No more ranch after the first one and he is still wanting more.....I call that a win for the day. If you get down to their level you might just be successful.

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